Instagram Trends to Watch in 2022

Instagram has evolved from a simple photo-sharing software to a crucial tool for company growth and digital marketing since its inception in 2010.With over one billion people using Instagram each month using Instagram Trends, for business is a critical success strategy.

However, the ever-changing nature of social media and its fast-paced trends may be bewildering for many users and keep marketers on their toes.This is why we at Impact estate Marketing have created a guide to keep all existing and prospective social media marketers, companies, and content producers up to speed with Instagram’s expected 2022 trends in order to help continually drive your success on this ever-changing network.

2022’s Top 5 Instagram Trends

  • Film reels

People nowadays want information that is rapid and easy to understand. As a result, Instagram has launched “Reels,” a short-form video content option that allows users to publish films up to 60 seconds long. Instagram’s algorithm aggressively promotes these videos in order to compete directly with TikTok’s tremendous success in producing short video content.

As a result, both platforms play an important role in broadening the reach of your business profile and creating your community through Instagram Trends. Consistently publishing high-quality and relevant reels that target your niche is an excellent strategy for attracting your target audience through Instagram’s suggested feed content and users’ customised explore page. Reels, like ordinary Instagram grid posts, provide creators more visibility and potential reach. In contrast to TikTok’s more limited 100-character restriction on every post, creators can use up to 30 hashtags under its 2,000-character limit per caption.

  • Public Participation

As Millennials and Generation Z dominate the social media scene and are both enthusiastic about social justice, it is only natural that these digital generations are also taking activism online. Following a particularly difficult couple of years that brought to light reoccurring societal injustices suffered by disadvantaged populations, many businesses have seized this chance to show their own support and beliefs in a volatile social context.

With “canceling” and “boycotting” companies due to their controversial socio-political beliefs becoming more common, many organisations have realised the importance of using their platform and influence to vocally and/or financially demonstrate their support for certain social movements or charitable organisations.

Social initiatives also include implementing new programmes and efforts to express support for their own business members who are affected by the social concerns that their viewers care about. Users may demonstrate their support for causes by sharing socially relevant Instagram Trends. This is ushering in a new standard and expectation for companies to engage in social media activism.

Many younger customers are enthusiastic about identifying, following, and buying only with businesses that speak out against injustice and are open about their practices, since this aligns with their personal and political ideals. If you, as a company, support a cause or donate to a charity, don’t be afraid to let your fans know – express what you stand for and watch your engagement explode!

  • Marketing Through Influencers

According to Instagram’s 2022 Trend Report, 80 percent of Gen Z feel that content creators/social media influencers have a greater effect on society and culture than traditional celebrities. Furthermore, 72.5 percent of marketers in the United States are expected to embrace influencer marketing this year, according to forecasts. But what exactly is influencer marketing and why is it important?

Simply defined, influencer marketing entails brand collaborations with social media content creators who often have a large and engaged niche following, with the influencer subsequently promoting the brand and/or its products and services on social media.

This type of marketing is similar to celebrity endorsements; however, influencer marketing is far more reliant on the level of trust that artists have earned by and via their following. They are more relatable than A-list celebrities because of their lower degree of popularity, which they often attain solely by their own efforts, allowing their audience to trust them.

Choosing the proper influencers for your company, who truly represent your style and customer, is critical to the success of your influencer marketing campaign. When you do this, the influencer’s followers are more likely to be interested in your line of products or services since they received an endorsement from a creative who shares their interests.

  • Displaying Your Brand’s Personality

Sharing visually appealing and high-quality images is fine, but if you come out as overly performative, your brand’s social media may come across as flat and dull. As social media becomes more of a venue for starting discussions and developing a feeling of community.

These changes are nothing new on Instagram, and your brand’s account should reflect them. Allow your individuality to shine by being authentic! There are many ways to exhibit your brand’s personality, whether it’s through the tone of your writing, the occasional meme, generating accessible, non-business-focused content, Instagram storey questions and answers, or even having a member of your team jump on Instagram live.

Similarly, instead of focusing on “sales,” avoid continual and repeated marketing and advertising of your products/services. Instead, make the majority of your material interesting, engaging, or instructional. Users get disengaged as a result, which is why we believe in the 80/20 rule of content marketing. When it comes to developing content for our clients, our goal at Impact Estate Marketing is to provide 80% instructive and entertaining material and 20% promotional content.

  • Instagram Carousels to Boost Engagement

Every company and creative wants high interaction with their content, but it’s frequently tough to achieve on a constant basis. Carousel posts, on the other hand, may offer a way to improve interaction. Carousels, which are essentially swiping features that allow users to publish up to ten photographs or videos at once, have the highest average interaction rate on Instagram, at over 2%, compared to 1.7 percent for images and 1.45 percent for videos.

This higher engagement is due to carousels being more appealing to viewers by providing a natural incentive for them to stay on your post for longer lengths of time as you push them to scroll around the carousel to read the rest of the post.

On Instagram, engagement involves more than just likes, comments, and followers; it also includes swiping through all of the photographs and/or videos that were featured, which can increase your ranking on the Instagram algorithm. Carousels are also an efficient approach to make instructive information more thorough by allowing viewers to “swipe to discover more,” exhibit different product views, and show several images from an event without having multiple separate postings of comparable content take up your feed.


While Instagram and its trends might be scary owing to their ever-changing nature, the year 2022 is off to an exciting start in the world of social media. Fortunately, the Impact Estate Marketing Digital Team is also available to assist companies in need of assistance.

Our research and marketing team, which specialises in digital strategy and marketing, can assist you in determining which platforms perform best to help develop a highly effective marketing campaign for your company. To get started, contact us for a free consultation.