Pinterest Business Advantages in 2022

Pinterest, with over 400 million active users and a year-over-year growth rate of 37 percent, gives an amazing opportunity to develop your business by presenting your brand to potential new consumers, driving traffic to your website, and promoting items to increase sales.

Pinterest differs from other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook in that it is more of a visual search engine–a site where users go to explore for ideas, inspiration, and information before making a purchase. Pinterest users are also distinct in that they respond positively to advertisements and spend twice as much money buying as non-pinners.

The benefits of a Pinterest marketing plan for your organisation might be remarkable. Pinterest has one of the lowest CPCs in social media marketing and gets a 2x greater return on ad expenditure than other social media platforms on average.

Pinterest gives way more profit

Are you still not convinced? Here are five advantages of using Pinterest into your marketing approach.

  • Boost Brand Awareness

People are here to learn about new ideas and goods, therefore they are eager to hear from you. This turns into significant outcomes and solid ties with your target audience. People that use Pinterest are looking for new ideas and goods, which makes them particularly open to messaging from your company and may lead to strong and lasting partnerships.

In fact, according to Pinterest, 80 percent of weekly pinners find a new brand or product, and users are 55 percent more likely to purchase a brand or product after seeing a video on Pinterest than on other platforms. Unlike other social media networks, the Pins you create have a lengthy lifespan. These Pins are searchable and stay on your board indefinitely, boosting conversation and increasing brand recognition. Consumers also believe what other Pinners are saving and are 66% more inclined to try new companies and buy based on the Pins of others. Sales will undoubtedly follow if your Pins are actively saved. By incorporating Pinterest into your entire marketing approach, you open up a plethora of new chances for individuals.

When SLTC collaborated with The Worthington Collection, a premium candle business, to raise brand awareness on Pinterest by developing distinct boards displaying their Luxe and Signature collections, visitors were able to buy and learn more about individual goods. Creating boards with blog entries and inspired smells gave users a more in-depth look at the brand’s history, motivation, and stories.

  • Increased Website Traffic

Pinterest, as a visual search engine, does more than only assist users find new material; it also helps generate traffic to your website. Pinterest, in fact, generates more traffic than any other social media network. And it’s not just any traffic–85% of weekly pinners have purchased something based on Pins from businesses, demonstrating the quality of traffic.

Rich Pins also immediately sync information from your website, such as price, description, and availability, and display in the Shop tab of search results. Rich Pins are therefore an excellent approach to increase the number of links on your website, create more visitors, and convert.

  • Increase Your Reach

According to Pinterest, 97 percent of the top queries are unbranded, indicating that consumers are utilising this visual search engine as a discovery tool. When they do find it, 98 percent of individuals attempt these new activities. Users not only Pin the things they like, but they also spend money on them, which translates into a significant potential to increase sales and conversions if you can bring your products and services in front of your target demographic.

To enhance visibility across social media channels, SLTC collaborated with NuFun Activities, an innovative crafts firm specialising in transfer paper and mess-free markers. SLTC increased its impressions and audience by over 700 percent MoM by reworking its creative direction, building branded templates, and using attentive organic and sponsored methods on Pinterest.

  • A Good Advertising Option

The option to conduct targeted advertisements and promoted Pins is one of the advantages of having a Pinterest Business account.

But it is Pinterest’s targeting possibilities that make advertising so effective. Pinterest recognises what people want and are interested in based on the Pins they save to their boards. These data may be utilised to distribute your material to the correct audience and give them the right solution at the right time, resulting in increased conversions.

Furthermore, Pinterest users are three times more likely than any other social media network to click on a Pin to learn more about a product or service. So, if you have engaging content that is provided to an audience that is already seeking for your products or services, there is a good probability that you will drive traffic and conversions to your website.

According to reports, these advertisements are also 2.3x less expensive per conversion than other social media ads, making Pinterest a feasible alternative to incorporate in your online advertising plan.

  • Increase your sales

Pinterest has the fastest sales and conversion rates of any upper funnel channel—40 percent with sponsored engagement. On Pinterest, it takes half as many impressions to convert someone as it does on other platforms.

This is because individuals use it to find inspiration, fresh ideas, and new products or services. Their goal in conducting this research is to purchase something for their homes, offices, or loved ones. According to Pinterest, nine out of ten individuals use the site to plan their purchases. This implies that if consumers discover what they are searching for, they are eager to buy, making Pinterest one of the top social sites for sales and conversions.

The data backs this up. It’s users spend roughly 80% more on retail than non-Pinners, and 50% of US users use Pinterest to shop. With shop able Product Pins, Pinterest allows you to shop directly from the site. These Pins have been enhanced with metadata and structured to alert Pinterest users that they are shop able. And, since the introduction of video pins, 55% of pinners are more inclined to purchase a brand or product after watching a video pin.

Furthermore, 45 percent of persons in the United States with a household income of more than $100,000 per year use Pinterest. This includes 62% of millennials in the United States. In other words, they have the financial means to purchase your goods and services.

SLTC’s Pinterest Full-Funnel Solutions

As you can see, Pinterest provides a unique chance for your company to appear and steer purchasing decisions by giving relevant material at each stage of the purchasing cycle. People use Pinterest to find, study, and buy new items and services. According to research and statistics, Pinterest users spend more, buy more frequently, and are stronger brand supporters. Pinterest itself provides a sophisticated set of tools that may be used to raise awareness, boost traffic, and close sales–all at a low cost.

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