Top Digital Marketing Trends Predictions for 2022

There are about 200 million small businesses on Facebook, each swinging its digital arms in an attempt to acquire new clients by utilising digital marketing trends. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out on such a crowded platform. So, why not invest a portion of your marketing budget to a site that is seen by 80% of visitors as “an online oasis”?

This brings us to our number one prediction for 2022 digital marketing trends

Pinterest Marketing will increase significantly in the coming year! Pinterest is a search engine and social media network that allows businesses to leverage keywords, hashtags, and even schema to optimise pins for new audiences, traffic, and conversions.

Furthermore, the ‘For You’ and ‘Today’ news feeds employ a variety of algorithms. Despite being under utilised as a digital marketing tool, figures from the GlobalWebIndex (GWI) 2021 Social Media Trends Report suggest that around 4 out of 10 Pinterest users use the site for inspiration and product discovery, particularly in the aftermath of the Covid epidemic. As a result of Pinterest, product discovery is getting faster, making this platform perfect for businesses looking to run Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and increase online sales.

The poll discovered that Pinners in the United States are especially interested in culinary inspiration as an example of a business that will substantially flourish with Pinterest Marketing in 2022. Pinterest marketing will assist e-commerce-driven firms in the previously mentioned industries in the long run, especially as the platform continues to introduce new features that facilitate in-app purchases and selling.

As of May, Shopify sellers, for example, may now submit whole product catalogues as shoppable pins. As a result of the protracted lockdowns and pandemic precautions, the number of Pinterest users purchasing on the app increased by 50%, according to Sprout Social, as many individuals preferred to shop online.

Businesses should not underestimate the impact of Pinterest marketing since it is a platform for exchanging ideas and inspiration. Pins influence online shopping. Businesses should hire a digital marketing firm to generate and maintain appropriate PPC content for their target audience on the Pinterest platform.

How Can I Be Effective on Pinterest?

Businesses must focus on branding for efficient marketing since subconscious impressions influence the buying experience of consumers.

Large corporations spend millions of dollars on branding that elicits good feelings in order to get the greatest number of people to buy their product. From Nike’s inspirational physical activity campaign, Just Do It, to Coke’s compelling product placement, the more successful a product name is, the more money is invested in outstanding branding and design.

So, how do smaller companies compete with such well-known brands? The most important approach we usually incorporate in digital marketing campaigns as a Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney is knowing which channel best matches the product we are advertising.

Skilled audience targeting is essential for eCommerce marketing, as it is for most other forms of PPC marketing. Audience targeting is a strategy used by digital marketing firms to guarantee that their adverts are only seen to those who are most likely to be interested in what they have to offer. As a consequence, a great branding strategy begins with raising customer awareness through the appropriate channels.

A well-designed brand sends the correct message to the right people (your ideal customers/clients) about the right thing (your price/quality point, your brand goal).

How Much Money Do You Need for Pinterest Advertising?

The total cost of your Pinterest advertising investment would include fees for planning, administration, and campaign setup from a digital marketing firm, as well as creative development if necessary. An agency can give you with a specific quotation that is tailored to your needs and explains exactly what you will receive and how we will do it.

A $1,000 advertising budget is a smart place to start (per month, per channel). This is to ensure that your specialists have the cash to test, learn, and optimise as quickly as possible in order to locate the sweet spot. We may function with less finances, but our ability to fulfil our goals will be delayed.