Why Does Your Agency Need Automation to Generate More Leads?

Companies all over the world have been looking for methods to generate more leads, reduce repetitive operations, and focus on what actually counts for company success for decades. Manufacturers utilise automated equipment to speed up manufacturing, and restaurateurs gather orders through apps and self-ordering systems, but can automation assist a digital agency simplify lead generation? The answer is yes, and the solution to your problem is contained inside the article.

Continue reading to learn about several automation tactics that will allow you to focus on marketing efforts for your clients rather than selling your firm. Here’s why and how it’s done.

Are you having trouble to generate more leads?

First and foremost, examine the present process in your digital marketing firm and identify the areas that need to be improved. Here is a summary of the most common roadblocks that agencies confront in their daily battle to win and keep clients:

You can generate more leads, but the majority of them are unqualified.

You’re having trouble establishing brand awareness and confidence in your agency. You struggle to rank for relevant terms in search results, and SEO initiatives consume hours of your team’s valuable work. Your outreach procedure takes a long time, and you hardly keep up with regular follow-ups. Managing your present clients takes up all of your time, leaving you with little time for additional activities.

Do any of these symptoms ring a bell? Have you been diagnosed with a deficit in at least one of the following areas? It’s a symptom that your marketing firm needs automation to improve the lead acquisition process and reclaim your team’s valuable time. Continue reading for instructions and suggestions.

Lead acquisition tactics for agencies that use automation

Here’s how to get and keep qualified leads without using your hands.

  • Find high-quality leads

Pure traffic is a vanity number; the qualified audience is what matters most to your company. Your best bet is to cater entirely to people who are likely to become clients, even if it means drastically reducing traffic levels. The issue is that locating and contacting high-quality leads is a full-time job. Fortunately, there are certain options that will allow you to accomplish so without using your hands and generate more leads.

Before you start producing prospective leads on autopilot, you should first establish a complete client profile and ensure that all of your lead-acquisition efforts correspond with the demands and preferences of your target audience.

When you have enough data, you may begin automating processes:

  • List your agency in a hub like Digital Agency Network (DAN), where your potential customers are seeking solutions to difficulties and obstacles.The presence of your agency in a niche-specific hub can assist you in being identified and attracting business possibilities. DAN receives approximately 290,000 organizations wanting to hire agencies each month. It’s no surprise that it’s become the primary lead acquisition route for digital marketing companies all around the world.
  • Automate lead scoring to separate high-quality leads from other traffic without having to analyze their early activity patterns. Tools like Sendinblue and SALESmanago will allow you to bypass the time-consuming identification step and instead focus on cultivating new clients.

  • Create trust

As a marketing agency, you must learn to differentiate yourself from the strong competition. There is no more potent approach to do this than through social evidence.Reviews and suggestions for your services can assist you in building confidence in your organization and gaining new clients. Personal recommendations from individuals you know are obviously the most effective, but 70% of people will trust suggestions from people they don’t even know.

That is why it is critical to acquire internet reviews:

  • Send timed automated emails to your clients, requesting that they post a review of your services on your Facebook and/or Google My Business profiles. Email automation may be accomplished with Hiver and Intercom.
  • Distribute the reviews across many outlets automatically. Your prospective clients may be verifying your agency’s trustworthiness in a variety of ways. While Facebook and Google My Business are the most visible, some people may never see your accounts on these marketing networks. That is why it is critical not to overlook any lead generation source. Arrivala, for example, makes it easy for your customers to publish a single review across all of your review platforms.

Position yourself for relevant keywords

If you own a digital agency in Philadelphia, your most sought-after keyword is most likely “digital agency Philadelphia.” The term is highly competitive, and there are two ways to attain the top spot in search results.

To rank for your chosen keywords to generate more leads, you may hire a content marketer with extensive SEO skills to create heaps of material accompanied by extensive link-building activity. It’s an excellent approach to accomplish it, but it will take months to reach the top of Google.

There is, however, a quick road to the top of the Google rankings. You may put your firm in location-based directories that already rank in the top three for the keywords you’re looking for. DAN is one such example. Using the keyword “digital agency Philadelphia” as an example, DAN has a solid position at the top of Google search results:

You can list your agency at the top of DAN’s digital agencies in Philadelphia ranking for a set fee that is far less than a content marketer’s salary and redirect high-quality leads directly to your website for a fixed fee that is far less than a content marketer’s pay. That is a wise investment!

  • Accelerate outreach

One of the most effective strategies of acquiring leads is through outreach. According to a LinkedIn research, 62% of marketers believe that LinkedIn outreach initiatives successfully generate leads. Although the figure is great, outreach might require hours of your team’s work. That is why it is beneficial to automate at least some of it.

There are several technologies available for engaging prospects at scale and sending automated (and tailored!) communications and follow-ups. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, Zopto, and Expandi are among the most highly recommended.

  • Retain customers

Even the most automated procedures to generate more leads will not save you time and effort if customer retention operations are neglected. I’m sure you don’t want to produce new leads on a regular basis because you’re losing present clients, but rather because you want to progressively build your firm.

Here are some aspects of customer retention that you can automate:

Automated social media reporting is ideal for teams who spend hours manually creating social media performance reports every week or month. You will save hours by setting automatic reports with critical metrics that are distributed to your clients and other stakeholders through email. Collect client input automatically and respond to recognised needs, preferences, and challenges. You may speed up the process by using online survey tools.

Automated win-back emails can help you reclaim lapsed clients. Send an email to your prior clients three to two months after completing a project, asking about their current issues and highlighting the areas in which your firm can assist.


It’s critical for every digital firm to focus on what actually matters: producing leads for your clients. The more time and effort you put into meeting their demands, the more successful your agency will be. Most components of the lead generating and customer retention processes may be automated to save you time.