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Commercial stores, also known as commercial real estate, investment property, or income property, are properties (buildings or land) that are meant to create a profit, either through capital gains or rental revenue. Office buildings, medical facilities, hotels, malls, retail stores, multifamily housing projects, farm land, warehouses, and garages are examples of commercial businesses. Many states consider residential property with more than a specific number of units to be commercial property for financing and tax reasons.


A specific task, charge, or position granted by an exercise of governmental authority and for a public purpose: a position of authority to carry out a public function and receive whatever emoluments may be due to it.


A flat, like an apartment, is a self-contained dwelling unit that is part of a larger complex with multiple flats. In the United Kingdom, the word flat is most generally used, although in North America, a comparable unit is more likely to be referred to as an apartment.


A business facility that provides housing to tourists and occasionally permanent inhabitants, as well as restaurants, conference spaces, shopping, and other amenities to the general public.
A hotel is a place where people may pay to stay for a short period of time. Inside a hotel room, amenities can range from a low-quality mattress in a tiny room to enormous suites with larger, higher-quality mattresses, a dresser, a refrigerator and other kitchen equipment, cushioned chairs, a flat-screen television, and en-suite bathrooms. Small, low-cost hotels may only provide the most minimal guest services and facilities.

Food court

A food court (also known as a food hall or hawker centre in Asia-Pacific) is an indoor plaza or common area within a building that is contiguous with the counters of various food vendors and provides a common location for self-serve dining. It can also be a communal dining area on public property in front of a café or diner.
Shopping malls, airports, and parks all have food courts. It may be a stand-alone development in some places (such as Asia, the Americas, and Africa). Food courts have also replaced or supplemented conventional cafeterias in various centres of learning, such as high schools and colleges.

Other Properties

Property is a phrase that refers to everything over which a person or a business has legal title, granting owners certain enforceable rights over these objects. However, in rare cases, properties can also constitute liabilities.

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